Year: 2009

Happy Holidays

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas to everyone. If, by chance, you don’t celebrate christmas, then have a […]

So Much Pool To Watch!

So, I posted the other day how I’ve been watching the Mosconi Cup on youtube all week, last night I […]

My First Break and Run!!!!!

Today’s big pool story is that I finally – FINALLY – completed a break’n’run!!  I’ve never done it; not in […]

The Mosconi Cup

I have been watching matches from the Mosconi Cup whenever I get a chance.  I hadn’t really put too much […]

[Pool Synergy] Push The Ball

This month’s issue of Pool Synergy is all about “Billiard Tales”. Specifically those [sometimes] little conversations that spark growth and […]

A note for myself

Try this drill someday when you are feeling really good… otherwise, anger, frustration and disappointment will win: