Today’s big pool story is that I finally – FINALLY – completed a break’n’run!!  I’ve never done it; not in practice, not in a game.  The most I’ve ever done is ran 2-9.  Today… I did it! With a bit of luck, I will totally admit.

I wish I could remember the layout, but it one of my first games and I played many today.  I broke, make the 8.  The 1 was blocked by 2 other balls all along the long rail.  I had intended on shooting the 1 off to the other side, leaving the cue behind the wall – but I hit it too hard and somehow the 7 at the end of the string dropped into the corner.  The 1 carom’d off another ball to push it up towards the side pocket on the other side.  From there, I ran out – with some pretty good position play.  I overran a few, underran a few, but nothing was so bad that I really killed myself.  When I shot the 6 and got a little long on the 9, I thought: “How many balls is this now?” Then immediately pushed that thought from my mind and focused on the 9.  After it sank, I thought a bit more… Then asked my opponent, “Did I just run those?” He said, “Not the whole table.” in a tone that was akin talking to a kid who was trying to gain appreciation.  But then I thought about it.  I don’t remember missing anything, and I only had to run 7 balls to get out and I don’t remember him at the table at all.  I HAD to have to run out.  I just know it.  I KNOW IT.  I let it go and decided to move on, but I know I did.  I remember moving from the 4 to the 5, I know I sank the 6 cuz it dropped me on the 9.  The 3 is only ball I can’t exactly remember – but the table was open and he’s not the kind of guy that would leave it with all those balls.

The next rack, I broke dry and he ran out; which kinda killed my high, but oh well.  Now that I know I can do it, and have done it… I will definitely try to do it more often.  Of course, that’s always the plan – but I know that I’m not quite to the point where I can predictably get position for all balls.  I still need a little luck here and there; and I’m perfectly okay with that.