2021 Update

The last couple of years have been a wild rollercoaster, and that’s not even mentioning the worldwide pandemic of 2020 […]

Finding 90

I’ve recently returned to pool with a purpose.  After playing horribly the last year, I made a conscious decision to […]

Grudge Match

In my previous post of content, I talk about having a bit of a grudge match scheduled.  We started off […]

Blog Award!

So, I got tweeted the other day that this blog has won another award!  I kinda feel bad about it […]

Getting in The Box

Two weeks ago, one of my regular pool rooms decided to implement an in-house King of the Hill style event. […]

Mosconi Cup 2015

About six months ago I decided that I was absolutely going to attend the Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas this […]

Back in the Swing

I’ve been gone for far too long. Mostly because I’ve been heavily involved in several other ventures that just take […]

I Went to New York

In a weird sequence of events revolving around my work, I found myself with a free trip to New York […]