I know I’ve been away for a while, but things have been incredibly crazy on my end.  Between tournaments and streaming and more streaming, I’ve barely had time to relax.  I mostly popped in here to say that I am now an official contributor to NYCGrind!!  

The streaming division of The Players Club put on our first PPV, with the help of BigTruck (PoolActionTV) last week to bring to the fans a great match between two format Mosconi Cup players: Oscar Dominguez vs Justin Bergman.  After the first night was over I got a message from Alison from NYCGrind asking if I would also do a write up on the event.  A few days, and many hours of sleep, later, it was delivered.  You can read the article here!  

I’m working on a way to offer a VOD of the match for those that couldn’t watch it or just want to see it again – and I’ll post an update when that’s available.  

Big things are coming to town this year, this is just the tip of the iceberg. 🙂