I have been watching matches from the Mosconi Cup whenever I get a chance.  I hadn’t really put too much effort into researching this event, but since it was flooding the forums all last week, I decided to go ahead and check it out.  WOW!!  I can’t believe I was so nonchalant about it before.  I had previously thought it was another “Masters” type of tournament, and in a way it is – but it’s much more competitive; and with varying formats that really keep you glued to the tube.

Most notably, I have discovered Dennis Hatch – a name I’ve also seen flooding the forums in the past months in relation to this event.  How I haven’t seen any matches of his before this, I don’t know – but he is quickly becoming my favorite male player.  He is so energetic, supportive, and holy cow what a shot maker!

I also watched a few doubles matches and those looking extra stressful.  Basically, whatever shot you make, where you leave the cueball is where your partner has to shoot.  So, instead of it being trading off innings (like I had assumed) you’re actually trading off shots.  So, if you mess up position, you have just screwed your partner.  Normally, you would just have to deal with it and you’d be okay with that – this makes you far more responsible.  It’s really quite something I’m not sure I could handle right now. haha

If you want to check it out, hit up snookeram’s stream on youtube!  If you like watching some incredible pool being played, you won’t be disappointed in these!!