I received my order from PoolDawg yesterday. 🙂 I got tired of always keeping my chalk in my pocket, so I finally got a pocket-chalker.  It was either that one or the bone one. I figured this one would a little more durable in the long run. I also decided to go ahead and get my own moose-head bridge so I never have to worry about finding a quality bridge. 🙂  Next up will be a cue-claw or clip or something like that. I like the idea of that one skeleton hand, but I can’t tell if the fingers are rubber-lined or not. If they’re not, I can’t get it because the plastic edges might, somehow, scratch the shafts.

Looking forward to this weekend to get some good table-time.  I have a stack of to-do’s I’ve been putting off.  An entire drill-training system to get through and get back to the author asap is first on the list. Secondly, or perhaps in between drills, I really wanna get back to trying some more straight-pool.  I haven’t played it since I discovered my new preshot routine, and I’m curious to see if I can break my high run with the ease I expect/hope to. 😉