Month: April 2010

No More Spam!!

After receiving 37 spam comment emails in one night yesterday, I went looking for a better auto-comment anti-spamming solution. Turns […]

New Toys. Thanks PoolDawg!

I received my order from PoolDawg yesterday. 🙂 I got tired of always keeping my chalk in my pocket, so […]

Getting Stronger

While I actually did none of the things I had hoped to this weekend, it was still a pretty good […]

Marked Progress

As I noted in my twitter feed the other day, I was loaned a copy of the 8-Ball Bible and only started […]

The Science of Choking

We’ve all done it.  Finally made it through the field of players to at last face your own personal quest […]

League Night Update

Last night was my 8-ball bar-box league night.  I got there a few hours early to get warmed up, since […]

The Elusive 8-Ball

I have found what will be my next “white whale”.  The 8-Ball run-out.  I’ve ran out in 9-ball, I’ve ran […]