After receiving 37 spam comment emails in one night yesterday, I went looking for a better auto-comment anti-spamming solution. Turns out, the good folks over at have already taken care of it.  With the newest update that came out just last week there’s now a captcha system in place.  BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! This particular captcha system actually does something productive! Bounce on over to and read about what they are doing.  All those annoying word-images you retype are actually part of a global digitization project.  When books are scanned for digital versions sometimes the computer can’t figure them out, due to age or wear etc, this system takes those words that a computer can’t read and lets people enter them.  So, the user gets authenticated and the book getting its problems solved! What a wonderful use of what is otherwise a pain in the ass. 🙂  In a single day, across the world wide web around 150,000 man-hours worth of words are typed out through this project. 🙂