While I actually did none of the things I had hoped to this weekend, it was still a pretty good weekend.  Friday night was the only time I had to play and I had initially planned on going early, bringing the video camera and working on a variety of drills.  As it turned out, I did no drills at all.  Instead, I played 9-ball for about 9 hours against a slew of other random regulars at the pool hall.  Normally, I’d be kind of upset by this, but considering the outcome, I was pretty pleased.  Again, I was able to really work on my new stance and stay focused on my preshot routine.  I won probably 90% of the games I played (which I should considering the level of players)… but more importantly, to me anyway, is that not once did I feel nervous about shooting the 9.  Not once, all night.  Sure I missed it a couple of times, but oh well.  I missed position a number of times, but again, oh well.  I took my time and really looked at the layout.  My position play is getting much better, because my speed control is getting better.  Which means I can more accurately predict my end-points, which means I can play smaller and smarter patterns to get out.  As such, I’ll have to actually count it up on the video, but from memory, I’d feel safe in saying that in 70-80% of the games I played, I got out in 2 innings.  I’m breaking good, controlling the cue-ball and generally making the wing ball.  I run about 5 balls before I miss a break-out or just plain dog it.  If my opponent is good, their out, if they miss, I generall get out.  I dont think I ever didn’t get out with 3 balls left on the table.  Similarly, if they broke and ran 4 balls then missed I generally got out, provided they left a shot of some sort.  I’ve watched the video from the first 3.5 hours already and while nothing is “OMG AWESOME”, there are plenty of good angles for me to look over my form.  OH! I did have two golden breaks in a row though!! haha I told the guy racking how to help avoid that and he didn’t listen cuz on the 3rd break, the 9 hung in the jaws.

I’m feeling really good about my game lately, very positive.  It just so happens that this week I’m in training every night from 5-9pm which doesn’t leave any time to play until next Saturday!! That is going to really suck.  Just when I’m feeling great too. *sigh*  At least I’ll get to miss league this week – which is good cuz we’re giving our team 16-5.  Seriously.  We’re giving them 11 games. *blink blink*  I still expect us to win 16-3 though (They do have a couple of guys that are decent, but I mean solid 4’s and maybe a 5).