I tried this today. (click image for full-size)

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Wow – that’s quite a bit more difficult than I expected. This will absolutely show you the difference between 1 and 2 tips of english, and show you just how precise you’re not being.

The goal of this drill is to make the ball on the 1×1 spot from the headspot and in numerical order, leave the cueball within a ball’s width of each target ball (numbered 1-6). At its most difficult setting, the practicer would start entirely over after a missed position. For me, for now, I take the balls off the table once I’ve hit my target twice, regardless of the number of attempts. I actually couldn’t complete this within the 20 mins I allotted.

However, I will definitely be trying this again, and soon.  I also did my usual drills, warmup, angle and 9 down the center.

Tomorrow I have a matchup with my brother in law – it should be a good time. I expect to play well into the night. And I’m actually excited about that.