Saturday night XY and I headed out to the pool hall around 8pm.  We played a few hours then the locals came over and we played doubles – then we played Ring 10-Ball.  Personally, I found that to be incredibly annoying.  Yes, lots of people can play, but it takes for-freaking-ever; meaning I can never get in-stroke. I sit for 12 minutes between each shot/rack, then when I get to the table, I’m left with some ridiculous safe to fight my way out, so I only get one, maybe 2 shots at most. I actually got a 2nd rack of balls and shot by myself on the next table to try and get myself ‘warmed up’ for the next shot.  Also, call me crazy, but if I’m paying to play, I want to play – nonstop; not with a bunch of other people. They all pay to play as well, which I don’t understand why they deal with it.  Of course, at least one of them works there so I’d imagine they play for free.

Aside from that, we had a good time.  The hours flew by, literally, and before we knew it – it was 4am.  So, we headed home, exhausted, hungry and a little slaphappy.