Month: October 2009

My Longest Run Out

While this isn’t necessarily all that impressive, it is, as best I can recall, my longest run-out. I broke, scratched, […]

Back on the table

Well, I’ve been sick the last 2 days and stayed home from work to try and knock it out as […]

Don’t Eat the Cue Ball

Nothing too exciting relating to pool this weekend.  Friday, the fiance and I hit up a haunted house, which was […]

Long Match (20-8)

Yesterday was day #2 playing reasonably well. I started off just playing the ghost, as they say.  Then Morris showed […]

Back to normal!

So, since last Friday, I’ve been playing terribly.  My stroke has never once felt right, I’m not getting good action […]

Rating System

I just found a rating system that is pretty nice.  And I have to say, honestly, I think I’m a […]