Nothing too exciting relating to pool this weekend.  Friday, the fiance and I hit up a haunted house, which was fun – then afterwards I went to a pool hall for a few hours.  Didn’t realize how exhausted I was until Saturday when I tried to remember how I played and it was mostly a fog.

Saturday, after seeing my tweet about Paranormal Activity, my sister called and said her and her hubby were wanting to hang out and maybe play some pool, so we hit up this little bar with a table upstairs.  Long story short, around 2:30am one of the really drunk (and/or high on something) bikers came up to play a game and kept stomping around the room, running in place, kicking the jukebox – and at one, picked up the cue ball, stuffed it in his mouth then spit it out on the floor.  WTF?! hahaha – we left shortly after.

Sunday, XY and I watched the semifinals and finals of the WPBA tournament at the SkyUte casino on ESPN. Congrats to Ga Young Kim!  As much as I really like Jeanette Lee, I have to wonder what happened during her match with Kelly Fisher… she didn’t seem herself at all – but I suppose having just given birth is a pretty good excuse. 🙂

I’m home sick today – with what is probably the flu that XY had last week.  I thought I would escape it, but apparently not. :/ I see a lot of xbox and playstation in my future.