While this isn’t necessarily all that impressive, it is, as best I can recall, my longest run-out.

I broke, scratched, nothing fell.  My opponent makes the 1B, scratches.  I get the table back like this:

Progress through the 8 pages to see what I did.  I was so excited by the time I got to the 9-ball I had to take an extra few seconds to gather myself. My next goal is to run an entire rack.  During practice, I always take ball in hand after the break if I don’t have a shot on the 1B, and I think this has helped, because I was able to study the layout of the table and I chose to start with the 2 in the corner, mostly because it had no other place to go, but more importantly because it meant that the 2, 3, 4 and 5 at least should be mine.  Once I got there, I played it basically one ball at a time, make the shot the first, then add position.  It worked out pretty well.

Yesterday was a damn good day overall.  I bought a glove and wasn’t sure how I’d like it.  I’m still not sure, but it’s nice having a pretty smooth sliding action consistently now. I also went back to doing chin-lock practice – and in doing so, I’ve upped my accuracy back to where it should be.  I also think this is why I’m making more cut-shots than I have the last 2 weeks.  Considering being sick the last 3 days, yesterday’s combined total of nearly 7 hours of pool really went pretty decently. 🙂