So, today I went to the hall, as usual, with every intention on buying a break cue.  As luck would have it, the sales guy was on the phone when I entered, so I just grabbed some balls and went to shoot around for a bit.  Then Morris’s game ended with someone else so he and I got together.  I haven’t played him in a while and with my own perception of my game improving I was curious to see how I’d do.  Normally when we play, lets say we play 9 racks, I might win 2.  So… it’s kind of a goal for me to break even at least.  Not surprising, coming on cold like that, he took the first 2 racks – finally my turn to break. But wait! I don’t have a cue. *sigh* So I hurry on over to the counter and ask Chris for one of the cues I tried the other day; he tells me he got some others in today if I wanted to look at those as well.  I found a 19oz jump/break version of one of the ones I had been thinking about previously anyway.  So, I grabbed it, chalked it and broke and excellent break.  The day went on and we went back forth with tough shots and barely missed shots.  Overall, I think I won 5, but I know he won at least 9.  So… better? Maybe.  oh! I even got to try jumping a ball! 🙂  I know he didn’t approve, but it wasn’t very far away.  I said I had to try the cue to it’s fullest potential and he said he needs to go move his car. HA!  I said not to worry, I probably won’t make it over the blocking ball.  It turns out that I did, and had I lined it up a little better I would’ve banked that 1-ball right in the corner.  *sigh*  I’m pretty happy with just getting over the damn ball!

The best part of the day, in my opinion, was him complimenting me on the improvement of my game.  That was pretty cool. 🙂

I made three kick shots, one of them on the 9 even.  Well, technically, I made 5, but when the CB is dead straight along the rail into the OB sitting in the pocket and coming slightly off the rail first doesn’t really mean “kick” to me.  But, technically, it is.  I also made a pretty nice masse shot – and the biggest example of applying some of the knowledge I picked up came when I a straight, full ball only view of the 1 ball just off the rail. I was basically surrounding by balls that prevented me from hitting the OB off-center to make it.  So, I lined up to hit the ball straight on, but with slow-medium speed and using hard right english.  The slow speed combined with the spin “threw” the ball straight down the rail into the pocket.  I could’ve also shot a masse into it, but the distance was longer that I have been able to control thus far.

Overall it was a pretty good day!  Except I noticed my left shoulder hurt quite a bit on my first shots of the day – hrmm.  Pool injuries are waiting in my future I think. 🙁