Been pretty stressed for time lately, but I have been at the table a lot more lately; though not always a good time.  It seems my alignment issues are not yet resolved. Though, they are getting better, there is still something “off” about things.  The 2nd week of league, I played a friend of mine, and lost that match (video here). But after that, I played something of a arch nemesis there, this kid Jacob.  He’s just got my number, and I’m stuck a few dollars to him over the course of our interactions.  But, I finally managed to squeek one by him. Though that was more him defeating himself than my winning.

The next week I finally got my first win in the league, which you can watch here; but it’s not really all that pretty.  A few days later, I’m practicing with Johnny again, and I hit, quite possibly the best cross bank ever – it was a 100% fluke, but it looked awesome.  Made even moreso by my total non-surprise reaction. haha  This came during a practice race to 9, which I lost 9-6 (and can’t seem to find the video for right now), but here’s a follow-up race to 3.

This weekend was Thanksgiving and I chose not to play in the annual t-giving tournament held at the Ride the Rail because I just didn’t really feel like it.  However, I did get to play with an old practice partner, Jean – and we played some 10-ball.  Though this was at the end of the night, and it was only when I got home and literally fell asleep on the couch moments later I realized just how tired I was.  I was playing better earlier, I promise. :p

And just because, here’s that cross-bank video: