The other night, I got into a ring game with some locals.  The night, overall, was absolutely terrible for me – save one shot.  The previous shooter had hung the 5 ball in the jaws of the side, but the cue ball was in such a place that I couldn’t possibly back-cut into the pocket.  I do not 1-rail kick very well and I didn’t like the 2-rail option, as I had earlier missed a very similar kick.  After studying the table for a minute, I finally saw it.  Kick 3 rails with inside to reverse of the 2nd cushion sending the CB directly at the 5.  I was just hoping to get a hit, but it turned out that I hit perfectly!


The other shooters were just as stunned as I was.  I was able to finish out this rack from there, but it would be the last rack I’d win for the next 2 hours.  Like I said, it was a bad night for me – and this was so entirely random I just can’t believe I pulled it off.