These 2 are having something of a rematch this coming weekend! I have so much going on this weekend, I’m not sure I’ll get to watch much of the PPV, but I’m hoping to catch as much as I can.  Two of my favorite run-out players!!  Check out the stats on the table they’re playing on:

This match will take place December 2,3,4 2011 at the TAR Studio in Las Vegas, NV. The match will be 9 Ball, race to 75, $5000 per man winner take all. Rules are winner breaks, rack your own with a magic rack on the TAR Studio 9 foot Diamond Pro Am with the “Fatboy” rails by RealKing Cobra that feature 4 1/8″ pockets. The 9 ball must be made last and will spot up if made on the break or early in the rack on a combo or carom. Call shot/call safe rules will be used just like in the last match between these two. – Justin/TAR