Month: February 2011

The Return of Dead Stroke

It’s a little early to make any solid judgements, but the last two times I went to play, I played […]

I Got A Write-Up!

I can’t remember right now if I posted the video with a strange and hilarious one-pocket shot that happened to […]

To League Or Not To League

… that is the question. Last week, after my horrible league performance, I had a talk with my team captain […]

Just A Video

It looks like I never posted this video.  This shot came up a while back and I had some fun […]

Yesterday Was Awesome!

Yesterday was an amazing day.  I got to spend nearly 12 hours with Johnny Archer and Nick Varner out at […]

Videos From The Weekend

Friday night, I decided to go play a bit, since I hadn’t actually played since Monday.  It was an alright […]