Friday night, I decided to go play a bit, since I hadn’t actually played since Monday. ¬†It was an alright evening, and the pool hall was pretty dead, so I was able to do a lot of things I don’t normally get to do. Like the play the 10-ball ghost, 9-ball ghost, work on the L drill and spot-shot practice. ūüôā

I didn’t play the ghosts too terribly well, and my score for the Behind The Rock Tour¬†(if I were participating) would’ve been terrible. ¬†However, one thing really was working for me: The Break.

I’ve put together two clips of all my 9ball breaks and 10 ball breaks from the evening. ¬†While only a few are “textbook” breaks, most of them are breaks that much better than my usual break. ¬†That means I’m¬†reasonably¬†controlling the cue ball, getting a good spread and making a ball. In my 9-ball session, I actually started making the 1 in the side and¬†the wing ball – which is not something I ever did with any sort of consistency before; and certainly not with having any sort of CB position. ¬†I know this due exclusively to the new break cue with the Samsara tip. ¬†I can’t express how much better I feel about my break with this cue. ¬†It might all be mental – and that’s fine – it’s working. haha Whatever it is… I’m averaging around 20mph (slowest I measured was 19.2 and fasted was 21.3 across both 9 and 10 ball sets).
I’ll leave with you this entertaining moment from one of my 9-ball games. ¬†I dog the 4 pretty badly, and having now lost that rack to the ghost, on a whim I shoot the 5 one-handed… perfectly.