… that is the question.

Last week, after my horrible league performance, I had a talk with my team captain and the decision was made to let me go.  I’m too inconsistent and unreliable in my game, and that’s not something the team can afford to foster in this tougher division.  They just let our top ranked player go because his attitude is less than … helpful; at times.  He’s our “Earl Stricland” – great player, tons of knowledge, but if the stars aren’t aligned just right, he’s a real bear to talk to.  Takes some getting used to and I guess the rest of the team finally got tired of the complaining.  So, I knew that my position on the team wasn’t forged in iron or anything, but it’s always a shock to actually be fired, opposed to thinking it might happen.

The captain and I haven’t always seen eye to eye about my game.  Maybe it’s the words he uses, or the tone I pick up, or who knows; but whatever the case, I don’t often respond to his instructions or suggestions.  I think it’s because there’s a certain way I want to learn to play the game and he doesn’t think I need to worry about that sort of stuff.  Which may or may not be true.  We all learn differently and for some reason when the critique he’s giving hits my ears, all my brain hears is criticism.  I know how weird my game is, I know what my weak points are; what I need is better discipline to focus on practice, routine, and consistency.  At least, that’s what *I* believe I need.  Anything other than that, from my grip to my stroke to my aim isn’t getting through.  I can only focus on one thing at a time.  It’s not good, as a player, to change a bunch of things at once, because if something breaks, you don’t know what to change or revert back to in order to fix things.  That’s my opinion anyway.  It’s how I’ve tried to build my game for the last year and a half.

Oh well, no hard feelings. I’m still friends with everyone, I’m just not shooting with them on Tuesdays any more.

Now, the question is… do I look for another team in the same league? And if so, where? Which night? And how do I get on there?  I don’t know anyone on any other teams, aside from our “rival” team; which has also switched divisions (and who picked up our top player).  So, that’s a no.  There’s another team out of this bar called “The Wedge” that I could probably get on.  Those people seem nice enough, and their division is a little easier than the one I was let out of. It’s the same division I played in last session, where I finished just barely over .500.

Now, add on to that, I have a friend, Dustin, who is sorta interested in getting on a league as well.  We play about the same; although he has a table at home (an excellent Diamond barbox) so has more time to practice and is more consistent, I think.  Now we gotta find a bar that is open to new players, and has 2 spots.  That could be really tough to do.  I’m tempted to go Fandango’s, since they (at one point) had 4 teams on Tuesdays so if there’s a place with potential, I think I’d start there, or maybe Hot Shots West County (not on Tuesdays).

However, yesterday, I spent some time up at Cue & Cushion playing some One Pocket with Dustin.  It was good getting back to that place; seeing some old faces, etc.  Afterwards, I talked with the owner, Craig, about their in-house 9-ball league they hold on Mondays.  There’s a waiting list for it, since it’s restricted to about 16 players.  It’s weighted A-D, races to 9 on the big tables!! It pays all spots, so even the last place player gets a little something.

It’s looking like Mondays, no matter what or where, will be my 9-ball evenings.  It could be in-house at C&C on real tables, or if not, I’ll be over at The Break for their weekly 9-ball tournament.  

It’s Monday, so where will I be tonight you ask? Tonight, I have to do more video editing from the Legends and Champions tour, file my taxes, select photography prints for a local showing and perhaps, play a little Call of Duty: Black Ops.