Some things have come up which are going to prevent me from playing pool this week – at all it seems.  This is quite annoying after last week’s seemingly unending hours of play.  However, I think/hope this will be a good thing.

I bought 2 books last week: Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots and Zen Pool.  I’m hoping/expecting that between these two titles, I can gain both information and confidence in both the physical and mental aspect of the game.

Byrne’s book appears to be a nice collection of how-to and what-if shots for nearly all types of situations/positions.  The next time I go to practice seriously, I’ll be taking this book along with me. I hope to work through all the situations/position/chapters eventually – but for now I’m just starting small and choosing a few that caught my eye as I flipped through it.

Zen Pool is more of a ‘what to do, how to prepare *mentally*’ kind of book.  I expect to read these throughout this week and am looking forward to putting my new skills into action.  This will take considerably more time and effort, I expect.  But I’m looking forward to bringing my game to the next level.  This means I’m going to have to spend more time doing drills to hammer out the mechanics, further train my body and allow my subconscious to handle those high-pressure shots.

Lastly, I just added a new link on my sidebar to (AKA Pool Synergy).  I just found this site, and already I am favoriting the URL.  Here are a few articles I particularly enjoyed reading today:
Play Pool Without Fear, How to Practice, How to Practice Part 2 and finally one that I find drives me up the wall more than just about any other topic: Learn to Win Under Pressure (why we choke and how to avoid it).

That’s all I have for today – but it’s plenty of information for you to browse through.