So, first up, the WBPA Tour Championships are being streamed live; and I watched some of that. Then I went to the pool hall where I played a lot of pool (too long actually).  Then later in the evening, XY suggested we go play since she was wanting to go, so we did.  Instead just being there the 3 hours I had originally said, we were there 5 hours.  I played reasonably well and hit balls with confidence, I’m learning to control my speed better when I have to put a lot of english on the ball.  Especially when I need to use low-right/left and draw back across the table 2 rails.  I’m gaining a lot of confidence in that shot specifically actually. Which is very nice.  The same with a lot of the cut shots I had so many problems with before.  I’m getting pretty happy with my playing.  Still don’t run more than 5 balls consistently though.  Have to work on that.

I finally made a pretty good jump-shot yesterday too.  Here the curved line represents the jumping action:

I did learn a trickshot last night though.  I found an archive of layouts on and this was the only the one I could remember enough of to figure it out.  It’s fun, for sure, and I make it every time. 🙂

Today is more live streaming. 🙂

Happy Friday the 13th!!