I found Force Follow’s website today and WOW is there some good info out there!  I’ve been watching his drill videos most of the afternoon. I tried a few of my own today and it went reasonably well.  When I get more time I’ll build a CueTable diagram of what I was doing.

Secondly, after reading all the suggestions online yesterday about my shoulder pain, I tried to really focus on what I was doing with my left arm – and today NO PAIN!  So, key things to remember: Don’t lean on the bridge arm with weight if at all possible.  Do NOT push yourself up off the table with the bridge arm still extended.  When considering a shot, do NOT lean on bridge arm while the elbow is locked.  DO put the bridge elbow down on the table as often as possible.  Take a note of your weight distribution, try shifting your weight between legs and your arm to see how it feels.  I played for 2 hours today and my shoulder didn’t hurt at all. 🙂