All told, I played pool for nearly 6 hours yesterday.  Just under 2 at lunch, then just over 4 after work with XY.  It was a good time.  I played reasonably well last night.  I’m kinda kicking myself though because there was one rack where I broke pretty well, made a ball and everything was open.  I even saw the pattern to run the whole thing – the entire rack, I knew where I wanted to be, and how to get there for each shot.  Unfortunately, I was too worried about getting from the 1 to 2 and didn’t draw it enough (opposed to too much) which threw off the angle to the 3 – but it didn’t matter since I missed the 2 anyway.  ugh Oh well.  I’m just happy I saw the entire rack’s pattern.  I made some damn good shots – but also missed some pretty standard ones. 🙁  The good news is that I’m getting better at adjusting my angles for throw coupled with left or right english.  I’m moving around the table better, and with more consistency too.

The funny thing is that I was *this* close to buying a jump/break cue yesterday but wanted to wait until today (payday) to get it – then last night I found myself wanting that jump cue THREE times! It wouldn’t have mattered – I *might* have it, but I wouldn’t possibly have made it, or been able to get safe – but I need to try those kinds of shots to see how they work and how I work.

As for the break cue – I’m still not sure what I’m getting.  The AZ Forums haven’t been too much help – suggesting other brands and not even commenting at all on the three options I listed. *sigh* I guess I’ll just play with them again and pick one to get it over with.  It’s not like I’m going on tour with this thing anyway.