So, this weekend was a Scotch Doubles 10-ball event.  I was already planning on attending, since I was running the stream for the event, but wasn’t sure if I was going to get to play.  At sort of the last minute, I asked the question on social media and got a response right off the bat.  As it turns out, it was the best decision.  Why?  Because WE WON THE TOURNAMENT!!

Here are the finals:

We played pretty well all day, got the rolls, took advantage when we got the chance and just stayed positive all day.  We did kinda lose ourselves while on the hill early in the 1st set, so before we started the 2nd set, Jake and Ryan actually asked us if we wanted to split.  Jean and I talked about it and we decided to go ahead and split it.  We played out the event so there’ll be a winner, but that way there’s no pressure about the money or anything.  

Normally I’m not a fan of splitting – but that’s mostly because there’s no tournament winner when people split. In this case, we also agreed to play it out so there would be a winner.  Of course, whichever team won the event would then wish they had not split, and the 2nd place team is happy they did – but hey.  1st or 2nd is still a good payday!

Just adding more money to the DCC pocketbook!  I’m gonna try and get in some more weekly tournament to add to it between now and the end of the month.