I’ve been holding on announcing this because it was still a little up in the air, but unless the world falls apart, I WILL be attending my FIRST Derby City Classic 2 weeks from now! 🙂

If any of you don’t know, it’s probably the biggest tournament in the nation. 9 days long, 3 tournaments with a 4th buy-in optional tournament. 4 disciplines of pool and the largest collection of professionals (and gamblers) all in one place!! I simply Can.Not.Wait!

I’m not playing in any of the tournaments – as nationally speaking I’m still a C/C+ player (regardless of my local rating); but the experience is one to remember forever; or so I’m told by those who have gone before. I’m going with a few friends from my Wednesday league, leaving Thursday morning/afternoon and coming back Sunday afternoon. For my first trip, I like the last 3 days option. I should see the very end of the One Pocket division and the bulk of the 9-ball division. I’m hoping to catch at least one of the Diamond 10-ball invitational matches (10-ball played on 10-foot diamonds!!).

But most of all, I’m hoping to get the chance to meet a bunch of people; or at least watch them all play. I might even play a little myself if the stars align. And if I’m really lucky, I’ll get to play one of the pros (aka donate for the experience) a few racks; several of them will play anyone for cheap racks just to a) keep in stroke and b) be nice to their fans. I’d totally be willing to play Efren, Shane, Earl or pretty much anyone for $10/rack, just to say that I did! 🙂

Here’s hoping everything works out and I don’t catch the plague that is traditionally spread around down there.