I just found out about this:

From TAR:

“The Action Report is excited to announce our newest TAR match. TAR 30 will feature two of the greatest players in the world today going head to head in 10 ball action. TAR 30 will take place January 18-20, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV. at the TAR Studio. Each days play will begin at 8 PM Eastern Time. The match format is 10 Ball race to twenty five games per set, two out of three sets. The match will be played on the notorious TAR table featuring 4 1/8” pockets made by Diamond Billiards.

The match will be available to watch live on streaming pay per view on theactionreport.com. Limited studio seating will also be available. TAR 30 is brought to you by our match sponsors: CueSports International, OB Cues, Kamui, and Kurzweils Meats. TAR would like to thank all of our sponsors for making TAR 30 possible. Please support the sponsors who support the game you love.”

I know I say this every time there’s a TAR matchup – but seriously, I CAN NOT WAIT for this!! Especially after what happened in the Mosconi Cup just a few weeks ago: Mosconi Cup Day 3: Appleton v Boening followed by Mosconi Cup Day 4: Appleton v Boening (part 2, part 3)

And this is just 2 weeks before the DCC!! Jan/Feb is looking to be quite an exciting  two months of pool for me!  Not to mention the Turning Stone tournament I plan on watching also in early January – and then Bonus Ball starts in early February!