I’m just a mere 3 weeks away from receiving my first custom cue!!!  Local cuemakter, Josh Treadway and I have been talking back and forth about a custom for some time now.  A situation came up that allowed us to finally get the deal going.  Well, now it’s neary complete and I seriously could not be more excited!  He’s been sending me pics along the way of it’s build and with each one I get more and more amped up!  The last one he sent had the rings and the joint in it.  Then three days later he calls and said “I hit some balls with your cue today. And I’m not gonna show you any more pics.”  SUCH A TEASE!! I picked the wood, the veneers, the wrap, the joint, the shaft diameter, the weight, the buttcap – and even helped him figure out a way to do a new feature for his cues: screw-on extensions!!  I am SO stupid excited it’s ridiculous.

Here’s the last teaser he sent me:


Obviously, this is before any of the finish-work has begun.  But, I can’t believe I’m this close to finally getting a real custom cue!!!

Make sure you all go check out Treadway Cues!!