I’m noticing that my game is getting back to just about where it was back in May/June of last year.  I’m back to running out (at least in practice) at least once a night.  And when in a match, if the balls are open and I start anywhere after the 3, it’s a good bet I’m gonna get out.  I’m starting to get a lot more confidence again.  For example, in the runout below, when I came up a little short on the 8, I knew I just had to make the ball, because I can make the 9 from pretty much anywhere. 🙂

Last night, I played 2 races with my practice partner, and I won both, 9-5 and 9-2.  I really need to work on my break though.  I’m getting a good spread usually, but I’m not making a ball and my cueball control is gone.  I’ve traded accuracy for power lately and I need to go back to a more controlled break. Watching any of the recent sets on video I can see that I’m htting much harder than I used to – averaging now around 22mph (prior average was around 19), but I’m loosing the cueball every time.