Pool Synergy


This month’s Pool Synergy is all about the games you love to play. After you read all of these and find yourself hungry for you, be sure to check out the Pool Synergy Archives!

Our resident mystery-man, p00lriah (who may or may not actually exist in the human world) tells us of his affection for the Cardigans. … No, wait, he was confused, he meant to say 8-ball & 9ball but promises a bonus surprise!

One of our founding members, John Biddle of PoolStudent.com promised to sing to us for this edition.  The content of that song will focus on the praise for 14.1 (aka Straight Pool).

Another of our founding members and famous interviewer, Samm [Diep] Vidal, explains why she loves cribbage. Yes, even more than straight pool.

If you need some cute and fuzzy creatures destroyed, you should contact Gail Glazebrook about her “Kill The Bunny” services.  In the meantime though, you can read about her love of team-based games here.

The keeper of lost rumors and general pool historian, Jake Dyer, tells us of the miraculous performances to be found only the game of One Pocket.

The aggressive timeline-driven aspiring pool pro, Michael Reddick, explains his favorite game is also his most despised opponent: the Ghost.

Billiard instructor, coach and salesman, Mike Fieldhammer details of the virtues of England’s favorite game, Snooker, here.

Gary Frerking comes with a surprising entry, Rotation (aka 15-ball) as his most enjoyed game.

Melinda chimes in with a surprising blog about 8-ball edging out One Pocket in the favorite game category.

If you have any change left, why not hop on over to Pool Bum‘s blog and read why he considers One Pocket to be his game.

We have a new author this month, everyone welcome Detroit Larry.  You can read about his favorite game: Golf, yes it’s a pool game too.

What’s my favorite game? It’s a toss-up, which you can read here.

Thanks for reading this month! Remember to check out Pool Synergy each and every month on the 15th for a new topic with opinions on all subjects across the internet! Be sure to check the Pool Synergy schedule for upcoming topics too.