Month: April 2011

A Sad Day

Last night, I went up to my usual pool and saw this:   That makes me very sad.  Guess I’ll […]

A Tornado and a Run-Out

Friday was the 2nd week of league and I had the foresight to bring a change of clothes, some dinner […]

New League Review

Friday was the first night of the new 9-Ball in-house league taking place at Cue & Cushion.  I hurriedly ran home after […]

[Pool Synergy] My Favorite Game

  As for myself, I’m torn between WPA-Rules 10-ball and 1-pocket.  I like rotation games, but 9-ball has a little […]

Stock Shaft Revisit #2

So, Tuesday I went back to the pool room with my original shaft to see if things would stay the […]

Just Some Thoughts

I haven’t been playing too often, and have skipped out on the last 2 weekly tournaments.  I’m clearly not ready […]