I’m really excited about pool today!  I had something of a slap in the face of reality which turns out, was exactly what I think I needed.  I’m in quite a hurry but it’s been on my mind for the last 7 hours, so I should go ahead and just get it out.

In a nutshell… Just because I have on rare occasion ran a table (8, 9 or 10 ball), doesn’t mean I can do it everytime.  The problem is, when I get to an all open table and things are laying what I think is pretty good – I expect to get out.  So when I miss a shot or blow position, I start getting down on myself – and we all know what happens then.  But now that I’ve read the advice phrased in just the way I needed to hear it, I feel much more in-tune with my game and more appropriately make games and handle missed shots.  I won’t be able to test this until tomorrow sometime, as it’s Friday the 13th (my favorite day of the year), and my girl and I are hitting up a neato alt-art show entitled 13 Plagues.

The advice I read: “People often make the mistake of thinking that they are as good as their best game instead of accepting that their level is their average game.” – Ilona Bernhard

You can read my earlier version and announcement on AZB here.

Have a good Friday everyone!