Since I’ve been slacking in my practice regimen, I decided get a few new practice tools. First, a book for the mental game: Pleasure of Small Motions.  I’ve read the free excerpt on Google Books and I think I’m going to like it.  Also, since I’ve always been fond of the layouts and exercises, I decided to start the IPAT Training Program.  I ordered the Level 1 Workbook this morning.  I’m sure I could come up with a number of drills that would enhance my shot making and speed control, but I decided to use an already established and well thought-out system.  Lastly, because I’d like to get the most out of my Kamui tip, I ordered their new Gator Grip tip tool. The instructional video definitely looks like it will prolong the life of the tip while still giving plenty of grip.

In playing news, league on Tuesday was both awesome from a team standpoint, but also terribly annoying from a personal standpoint. The awesome is that we, as a team, won 11 straight games from the start to shut out our opponents completely.  The annoying part is that I didn’t play a single game. Not one.  I did play some warm-up/practice games with the other members, so I got to at least hit some balls; and I hit them pretty well, winning more than losing.  But, it doesn’t matter over there. *shrug*  My only concner in that my really poor play this session has me in a situation where I might be moved down a level.  That’s a big hit to the morale, but there’s still one week left.  As long as I win 1 game and don’t lose any, I’ll stay my current level.  If I don’t play at all, I still think I’ll probably stay at my current ranking, just because I’m less than 1/10th of a point from the cut-off.

I went to the pool hall last night with the intention of getting some cheap action, just something to put a little pressure on to try and get me used to the idea.  Sadly, there was none to be had.  Everyone was busy rotating in and out of the doubles one-pocket game.  I never really got in stroke, of course.  I did get to play Mark O’Brian, the league’s top-shooter with a record this session of 27 and 3.  He’s a serious 1p player and is very friendly with his information.  It’s always a joy to play him, but painful at the same time… especially when he prefaces a shot with “watch this one”.

I need to find a pool hall that’s open during the day on the weekends… well, actually, I know of a few, but both are places where I’d know someone and probably would end up playing them instead of running the drills I need to be running.  Although, I’m really tempted to just give it a try anyway – anything would be better than waiting for the evening and hoping to get some “alone” time at the table.  The best place to practice doesn’t open till 5pm, and it’s 99.9% guaranteed that I wont know anyone there, but I dont always want to wait that long.  *shrug* I guess we’ll see how it goes.  I miss practicing – and I especially miss the abilities and confidence it can give me.  Here’s hoping some new drills and info will help spark the drive to continue to practice.