Since I have nothing good to say about pool today, I’ll just post here for historical reasons that I have a new “high” run in straight pool.  Now, we weren’t playing 14.1 – so it doesn’t really count, but full-rack straight pool isn’t a totally different animal. 

Anyway, last week after some terrible 9-ball, we decided to play straight pool just for fun.  I broke the rack and started shooting. I tried to chip away at rows of balls in such a way to continue, making sure that if I got out of line, there was an alternate ball to bring me back. Before I knew it there was only 5 balls left on the table, so then I focused on position and ran the last 5.  Racked, broke, made a ball and kept on shooting.  Unfortunately, I got a little too excited and missed a fairly easy shot to end my high run at a lowly 20.  But… it’s better than before, so I’m happy with it.