It’s official.  I’m playing in the tournament on Wednesday.  The organizer said I was a 4, and it’ll be adjusted as I play.  I expected him to assign me a 5, but I’m guessing that lately they’ve caught glimpses of my bad hours.  Which is fine for me.  I have some more confidence that I’ll make it past the first round. 🙂

Today started off poorly. My brain was all over the place and I wasn’t feeling my stroke.  During a cool-off period Morris came over so we started playing.  I actually did pretty well today.  We played a lot of games and I’d have to check my notebook to see the final score, but based on memory, I think it was something like 13-10 him.  I had some good runs and made some good shots – got some bad rolls and scratched a bit more often then I wanted. I also got lucky a few times with 2 kick shots, but I’ll take it.  There were at least three games where he scratched making the 7 and he gave me the game because the 8 laid perfectly for the 9.  I appreciated his confidence. 🙂  I was making those cut shots that was been the bane of my existence lately; although I still dogged a few too many shots – and once I missed my BIH shot to get position – and didn’t get that either.  That’s just embarrassing.  I suppose that’s why I’m only a 4 though.  *sigh*  Wednesday is going to be a tough day. Gonna need to figure out a way to eat something around 5 – something that’s not gonna weigh me down.  I’m thinking protein shake, but we’ll see.