As it turned out, I did not get a chance to practice anything new today.  One of my pool buddies was there, so we played some 9-ball.  I lost count exactly, but I think the final score was something like 9-4 in his favor.  This is pretty typical.  He’s just a bit more consistent, and he can slice those balls into places that make my head spin.  Definitely a weak point in my game.

However, just before I left, I watched this video on How to Break and thought I’d give it a try.  This is more about body movement and getting good power behind your stroke.  The few times I got to break, I tried that technique – with varying results.  This is, of course, expected – but it’s promising, I think.  I’m in the market for a break-cue now anyway, so before dropping cash on a specific cue, I should learn how to break properly.  I know I have some defects in my break stroke, but if I can work out a decent form, I can start to focus on controlling the cue ball after the break.