A couple of quick things: 1) Below you will find my match played on the streaming table at NAPA Nationals.  I think my original review of the match is still pretty spot on.  I still can’t believe some of my simple … simple mistakes.  Like what the HELL was I thinking trying that 3-10 carom off the rail?!  I shouldn’t even have shot the 2 before that, but once I did, I really needed to put my “smart” helmet on instead of the aggro one.  *sigh* Lessons learned. I’m just gonna chalk this whole trip up to getting my seasoning.

2) We started the next session of NAPA last week and the best thing I can say about last week is that we’re now doing the online scoring found at NAPA Play.  It’s a pretty cool system and makes it very easy to score the match.  Even though I won my match, the event was, overall a total bust.  The other team was in such disarray that only ONE person showed up.  Now, because of that, they should’ve forfeited the whole match, but the guy who was there decided to play it out, forcing FOUR match forfeits, meaning we got ALL THE POINTS!! hahaha.  So, what would’ve been something like a 60-40 split ended up being a 94-3 score in our favor.  I’m sure there’ll be some push-back from the other team, but since the captain decided to not tell anyone what was going on, that’s his punishment.

3) In the APA world, I’m still playing on a Masters team and have struggled a bit, with only a 40% win record so far.  It’s coming around though.  In 2 weeks, we’re playing for the trip to Vegas.  Like last year, I’m kinda torn on how excited I am about this.  If we go, it’ll be a good time, but I know we aren’t exactly “favorites” out there.  On the other hand, we all agreed that if we’re going to stick with this league, then our goal would be do as good as we can, to win our prize (and that prize is Vegas).  So, in that regard, I hope we do really well in the round-robin event.  More on that later.

Here’s the match if you wanna kill 45 minutes: