This is all I have to say about this:

Shane Van Boening won the last All Around against Efren Reyes in TAR 34 . Efren offered to play again with his choice of games. Here it is. February 7-9, 2014 the greatest player ever will face Shane Van Boening in an “Efren’s Choice” All Around. 1 Pocket, Rotation, and 9 Ball. The match will take place at the TAR Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. The match will be available to watch live via streaming Pay Per View. A very few seats in the studio will be available and up for sale soon.

Match Schedule:

Friday February 7: One Pocket Race to 11

Saturday February 8: Rotation (Set length to be determined)

Sunday February 9: 9 Ball Race to 25

Each days play will begin at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific