This weekend is host the annual captain’s tournament put on the local APA.  It’s scotch-doubles 8-ball.  I was asked by a strong 4 and I’m a 6, so we play as a 10. The SL limit is 12, so we’ll be getting some weight more often then giving it.  I like our chances – if I can keep my 8-ball brain in the game.

If it weren’t for that, I’d enter in the new weekly 9-ball tournament over at The Break; which just started last weekend.  It’s a normal $10 weekly deal, race to 5 or somethinng that. I’m looking forward to trying that out next weekend.  Their first event had just 7 players, so I’m hoping I can get in some wins before it gets too crowded with stronger A players.  But, that’s a bit optimistic as I have no idea who those 7 players were; and the place isn’t known for having a lot of ducks sitting around. heh

I’m really hoping that playing in more tournaments will toughen up my nerves a bit.  After the t-giving tournament where I fell apart under the pressure of an audience, I’m looking for more ways to cut my teeth, so to speak.  I don’t really have the money to gamble anymore, but tournaments give me the chance to get loose in the early rounds (who watches early round matches?) and hopefully solidify my mindset by the time I get to the semi-finals, where there will be an audience of other players, watching and (not so) silently judging me. haha