During the finals of the one pocket event this weekend, Joey Gray, whose pocket is the top left here, was faced with this layout:

 After looking at everything for a good long while, he gets down and fires the cueball into the 1 ball, which then caroms into the 9 and throws the 15 into his pocket.  The 9 hits the 12, which banks into the 6, which then trickles into his pocket as well. The 8 ball goes off the 2 which goes out to the middle of the table, where the 1 ball glances off and ends up in front of his pocket as well.

Here’s the resting places of the balls after the shot:


It was quite simply the most amazing shot I’ve seen.

You can see it in action at this link: http://youtu.be/CiyIrt-FRoY?t=53m7s