In an effort to further memorize this positional guideline, I’ve drawn it up (based on the video example I watched over the weekend).

Each of these shots is a half-ball hit and shot at a medium speed, “Around a 5 on a 1-10 scale.” according to “Kid Delicious” aka Danny Basavich. Each ball number relates to the “hour on the clock” if you places a clock on the aiming part of the cue ball.


During his demonstration the end-rail positions were all very close between 7 and 11.  The forward roll sends the cueball towards the upper right pocket, but the inside spin shortens the angle (or vice versa, however you like to understand it). So, my memory could be a little fuzzy there.  He had a LOT of “hours” that went between the 1st and 2nd diamond.  I’m more interested in the 12-6 range myself.  It all makes perfect sence when it’s drawn up like this. 

I’m looking forward to trying these routes because it a) forces accurate cueing and b) will help me better find/execute positions downtable from this shot.