I’m not really sure how to wrap up a week in Vegas in a single post.  So, I’ll just mention a few of the highlights (and lowlights).

Our team won our first 9ball match, I didn’t play, as we played our 9 instead. It was an amazing match to watch, terrible to score though as there’s just not enough room for all the racks when boths 9 are playing safes or running out.

Afterwards, our team celebrated the win and being in Vegas a little too much and we ended up losing the next 2 matches.  I got to play once, and during that match I played very well and won over their 5 with a great comeback.  He needed 2, I needed 13.  He gave me a chance, I took it.  I didn’t like the table, I’d play safe and he’d sell out. I won the match with him still needing 2.

I played a mixed scotch doubles mini with my old team captain and we played very well in the first round. But the 2nd round I kinda lost the focus and we lost.

Later that night I played a 7’s only mini and lost in the first round to the guy who ended up winning the mini, so I don’t feel bad about it.  Annoyed a little, because I don’t feel he played that much better than me. I only lost by a couple balls.

I played another mixed scotch doubles event with my team’s 3, who was sick and couldn’t quite get it going. I would leave her tough and with the no-coaching rule, she was left to figure it out on her own.  We lost the first round.

I lost money at the casinos. I drank a yard of captain’n’coke.

I ate at Tacos del Gordo but didn’t try the brain, tongue or intestine tacos.

I picked up a cold the 4th day and am still fighting it 5 days later.

I got to see Freemont street both completely empty and closed down (around 3am Sunday night/Monday morning) and in all its splendor Monday afternoon/early evening.  I had drinks at the top of the Stratosphere and some of the best omelets ever at The Peppermill.  I saw the shark tank in the swimming pool at the Golden Nugget.

I watched a regional proam (Skyler Woodard) play a 3 and break and run a few double-packs, winning the match something like 75 – 8.

I cheered for the other local teams out there and saw some amazing play in the Master’s tournament.

I was propositioned for some nighttime company on the way back to my room.

I saw two Elvises, Jack Nickelson, James Brown, Michael Jackson, transformers, hello kitty, the Predator, street performers, good and evil spiderman, a stormtrooper a Gru minion and Zack Galafanakis’ character from The Hangover, complete with “Carlos” while walking around.

But the number one top highlight was getting to hang out with Mike Fieldhammer and Jesse Engel at Best Billiards!

I received the best compliment ever: Playing ring-10B on the 10-footer at Best Billiards, after one of my breaks where I got the SVB-hop to work, Jesse Engel says “Perfect break”.

And that about wraps it up.