Last night was APA Masters league and I got to play one of my teammates with whom I’m going to Vegas next month.  We’ve only ever practiced before, never actually played a match (that I recall).  He’s a 7/9 in regular league, whereas I’m a 6/7, for reference.  I’ll skip the details and just to get to the shot that put me on the hill (where he was patiently waiting for me).

It’s 6-5 in a race to 7, he had just gotten to the hill and broke dry.  As I walk past my teammate, I whisper “Should I go for it?” lol, he doesn’t respond for anti-coaching reasons.  I survey the table a bit longer and realize, this is an ugly table and here’s an essentially free shot.  I know these tables play fast so I don’t have to super-power the ball down there, but I still have to hit it good.

I line up to tangent line I want, jack up, and fire the cueball at the 1. I see that I didn’t draw it enough and it’s going to float into the rail. I give up on my hopes, until I notice where it hit the rail – and realize it has a chance to essentially kick the 9 in.  It has the speed, and it looks like it has the angle and spin…. waiting … watching … it clips the 9 a little thin, but sends it toward the pocket, where it hits the long-rail, then the inside of the pocket point; pauses… then finally it drips in and disappears! I couldn’t believe it! My teammates cheer and even my opponent congratulates me on a good shot.  That shot puts me on the hill and a few safety battles later, I end up taking the final rack to win the match! 🙂

Here’s the shot that essentially won it for me:


1-9 Full-Table Carom/Kick