I *finally* got a break and run on video last week.  I was playing really well that whole week (minus a super bad night Wednesday).  Friday was no exception.  After my league match (which unfortunately, I did have a drop-off in the middle and it cost me the match), I played my friend Tonya a short race to 7 and she didn’t like it one bit. I got her 7-2.  Then we played a race to 9 in 10-ball and though she liked it more than the 9ball, she still didn’t like it enough. I took it 9-7, I think it was.  I just couldn’t miss it seemed.  Anyway, here’s my break and run from the league match:

I’m still waiting for the day when I don’t have to rely on a lucky bump to get out.  I mean, I botched the 6 pretty badly, but only because I overran position on the 5. Even though I was straight in on the 6, I tried to do too much.  I just got a friendly bounce out of the corner and and dropped the 6 elsewhere.