Last Wednesday was the first night of the APA bar league on my new team.  In 9-ball, I’m rated at a 7 right now (was an 8 for a short while, but went back to a 7 recently).  They put me up against a 6, I guess to see how I’d do.  It was early in the night and I was still feeling quite fresh. The beginning of the match, my opponent seemed to still be getting loose. He missed some pretty easy shots and I quickly found myself up 15-5 (in a race to 55-46).  I continued to play somewhat cautiously, but not nearly as tight as I might have if I were playing a lower skill level.  We both had some really tough times trying to play safe, leaving each other straight in after poor safeties. I ended up winning the match something like 55-35, or around there; but the shot of the match was this one right here:

I under-hit the 5 ball into the side pocket and came up on the wrong side of the 6.  But, this is one of my favorite stroke shots, and I fired it – with the intent to come down on the short-side of the 7, but I over-hit it and got lucky the CB bumpbed off the 8 just right as to leave me an easy out.


The shot was well received by everyone watching, and I thanked them, smiled and continued my run.  I did get a 9-on-the-snap, but I did not break’n’run.  I’m hoping to get a mini-slam this session (meaning, I just need to break’n’run in 9-ball).  There’s absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be able to do this; as long as I keep my head in the game, play smart, but simple position, play to my strengths and just stick to my pre-shot routine. 🙂  Maybe this week will be my week? Who knows. I’m looking forward to the match though.