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The Action Report is excited to announce TAR 25: Hatch vs Dechaine presented by OB Cues and sponsored by Simonis Cloth and CueSports International. This match features two of best players in the U.S., Dennis Hatch will be facing off against Mike Dechaine in a Ten Ball match at the TAR Studio in Las Vegas, NV May 4,5 and 6 if necessary.

The match format is Ten Ball race to twenty five. Mike and Dennis will play one set a day. The first player to win two sets wins the match. This is the first TAR match in our new model of players playing for a prize fund put up by The Action Report. The prize fund is $5000 with winner receiving $4000 and the loser $1000. This new model follows the one used by boxing and mixed martial arts. The new way of doing things will allow TAR to create more exciting match ups more often than than the past model of requiring players to post high entry fees.

TAR 25 will take place the weekend before the start of the BCAPL National Tournament in Las vegas Nevada. The match will be played in the TAR Studio on a Diamond Pro Am nine foot table with Simonis 860 cloth and 4 1/8 inch pockets. Jump cues are allowed, winner breaks and the Magic Rack will be used. Start time for each days play is 7 PM Eastern.

TAR 25 will available to watch live via streaming pay per view on theactionreport.com. The price is $15 per day or $35 for the entire match. Each days play will loop on the PPV stream until 5 PM Eastern the next day. In the event that the match ends after two days then the entire match will loop on the third day for 24 hours. For information on how to watch the streaming PPV please visit theactionreport.com and view the PPV FAQ section. There will be extremely limited seating in the TAR Studio for this match. Seating info will posted soon on theactionreport.com

The Action Report would like to thank our presenting sponsor OB Cues as well as match sponsors Simonis Cloth and CueSports International. Thanks to their support and that of the many TAR fans we are able to continue bring exciting match ups featuring the worlds best players. Please join us the first weekend in May for TAR 25: Hatch vs Dechaine presented by OB Cues. It’s sure to be a great match.

Mike and Dennis have been jousting back and forth for awhile now. Mike is looking to cement himself in the upper echelon and Dennis wants to prove he is still the monster of the north eastern U.S. This should be a good one.