Friday, as usual, was league night. I have to say, I played pretty damn well. My opponent was struggling a little, and since we’re friends outside of the pool hall, I usually get a little sympathetic and it affects my game. But, two weeks ago, I made a decision to really focus on just my game, regardless of what the other person is doing. My first “test” of this new mentality was actually last monday when I played a make-up match against someone who is notorious for shitting all over the table. I used to get really frustrated by that, and I still get annoyed, but I noticed it really wasn’t bothering me that much.  He was really struggling too, which is always a bad sign because then he just freewheels and fires at everything 100 miles an hour. It’s when he’s the most dangerous.  But, I jumped out to a quick 4-0 lead so the luck factor at this stage didn’t really worry me. I was playing well, making good decisions, feeling good. All the while, he’s getting more upset that I’m missing less than I used to. “Oh well” I thought to myself, and continued with my run. I won that match 9-3, you can watch the video here.  Back to Friday’s match. it was sort of similar, except I hung the first 9 ball rack, so he got the first win, but then I got the next 5. Including my first break and run during a league match!  It was as if the stars aligned though – I make 3 balls on the break, and 3 other balls are ducks no more than 6 inches from the pocket.  Still, I made it interesting, by coming up short on the 8 ball and am forced to shoot a cross corner bank, but it goes and I get good on the 9. Take a few extra breaths and sink it. I end up winning that match by 6 racks, 9-3 as well.  I was really happy, and it’s a real confidence booster. No video on this one as for some reason my camera was acting very strangely – super zoomed in and panned to the extreme right – but there are no controls for that in the camera. I might have hit it somehow and dislodged the sensor, I dunno but I’m a little annoyed.

I sit around and grab some dinner, and chit chat with some players for a few hours, then get into a one pocket match.  I’m getting 10-7 and although I win the first rack, I lose the next 6, then I get one back, but lose the next one. I call it quits down 5 racks.  In retrospect, I should never have played. We started close to midnight and I was already tired, but the end of the match, I wasn’t even thinking straight. Even my memory is hazy at best at what I was shooting.  But, I always think I’m more awake than I actually am – and that’s when I play poorly and lose money. *sigh* Oh well. another learning experience.  Fridays are bad for action, since by the time I’m ready for action, I’ve already been up for about 16 hours, spent all day at work, and played a league match. Mentally, I’m already a step down. Someday, I’ll remember that no how good I feel, getting close to that 18 hour mark, I lose a lot of focus.