I just significantly increased my DVD collection. I took advantage of Accu-Stats’ package deal. I received the following: 

D13-1P4D: Scott Frost vs. Shane Van Boening (1P)
D13-1P7D: Earl Strickland vs. Shane Van Boening (1P)
D12-1P9D: Scott Frost vs. Sylver Ochoa (1P)
D12-1P10D: Scott Frost vs. Efren Reyes (1P)
D13-10B1D: Ralf Souquet vs. Shane Van Boening (10B)
D13-10B5D: Darren Appleton vs. Rodney Morris (10B)
369B-12D: Lee Vann Corteza vs. Dennis Hatch (9B)
SP10-07D: Stephan Cohen vs. Jasmin Ouschan (14.1)
8B01-09D: Mika Immonen vs. Francisco Bustamante (8B)
D13-10B2D: Francisco Bustamante vs. Rafael Martinez (10B)

So.Much.Pool to watch!! 🙂 🙂 🙂