So, I’ve met a number of new locals at a bar that I visited for the first time over the weekend.  The place is living APA commercial, and some of the people are as well, but they seem to be genuine. The few that I talked to are serious pool players, well, serious enough to hire an expensive coach once in a while and keep up with current events, like the DCC.  I have to say, I was very impressed with people I met.  I guess I had formed an opinion of all APA players from both the AZB forums and from what I’d heard from the MO8 players. *shrug*

Now, I have to decide if I want to a) play on barboxes. b) play 8-ball on barboxes. c) did I mention play on barboxes?  

The benefits to playing in the APA: 1) There are several weekly tournaments I can play in, if I’m an active APA member out of this bar. So, I’ll be getting the competition I’ve been looking for. 2) I’ll get more experience on the barbox, which will play nicely into my goal this year to play in the Midwest 9-Ball tournament; which is all barbox. It’s highly unlikely I’ll play in the March event, but perhaps the October event? 3) If I get on a team that is all as serious as I am, and we do well, there’s a decent chance we’ll at least get to Vegas for the APA Nationals.  As I understand it, several teams from this location are sent to Vegas, so it’s not entirely unheard of, nor out of the question.  

The cons: 1) It’s on barboxes. 2) While there is a 9-ball league as well, it’s more likely I’ll end up with an 8-ball team. 3) I’ve already said it was on barboxes, with the mudball.

The asides: I ran into another friend who said I should check out this other bar, they have an in-house nonrated league, and they play on 9-foots (though, the last time I was there (Dec) they looked more like 8 foots to me).  Another of the APA people suggested I might want to look into the Masters league to stay away from the 2’s and 3’s in the regular APA. Obviously, it’s tougher competition as well.  If I’m remembering that correctly, they also play out of the same bar with the bigger tables.  I’ll need to clarify all of this info though.

So, lots of new potentials coming my way.  Oh, and lastly, I found a BreakRak II Deluxe for a good price, thinking about picking that up so I can more easily work on my break.  

Also waiting to hear back from Mike Fieldhammer about possibly getting a new case.  I’m so f’n anxious to get my new cue I can taste it. The weather here has been terrible; which has pushed back the production process. So, initially it was looking like around the 3rd, but now, we’re looking like between the 8th and 12th. Stupid humidity screwing up things. Go away rain, I want my cue!!